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Masque Caviar Vert

Masque Caviar Vert


Anti-wrinkle, smoothing biocellulose mask for face

  • Details

    An immediate response to combat signs of cutaneous aging, Masque Caviar Vert has a tightening effect in order to plump up the wrinkles and fine lines of the face. Formulated based on Green Caviar and Collagen segment, they jointly help tone the epidermis, thereby improving the appearance of the skin structure. Wrinkles are visibly smoothed, facial features are tightened. In perfect affinity with the epidermis, providing a “second skin” effect, the biocellulose fabric is packed full of anti-wrinkle, smoothing and tightening active ingredients for an unprecedented, immediate result.

  • Skin Type

    Recommended for Skin Instants© showing signs of cutaneous aging.

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