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Gentleman Facial


60 Min - $125

  Benefits of the Facial

1. Calms Skin from Shaving

2. Relieves Tension

3. Combats the Elements

4. Counteracts Oil Production

5. Provides Proper Hydration

The gentleman facial is specially designed for all men wanting to take care of their skin. A cleansing and purifying facial designed to address the needs for men’s skin including: sensitivity, dry patches, dull skin, clogged pores and shaving irritation. Perfect for any age to start taking care of their skin. 100% organic products with no added perfumes or colors will help you achieve all your skin care goals and give you simple home care maintenance suggestions.

Even with a beard or mustache, facials are still an option for men. The skin under the hair will still receive the benefits from the steam and the massage. Afterward, beards can be conditioned to stay manageable and looking well kept.

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