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Biologique Recherche is a French brand. Proudly and staunchly Made In France, it was among the first companies to seek Origine France Garantie certification, and be awarded it for the brand’s iconic skincare product, Lotion P50.

The brand is present in more than 80 countries through an exclusive network of representatives across every continent, each of whom is responsible for marketing Biologique Recherche products and treatment protocols very selectively to exclusive and prestigious establishments in their country.

Over 15,000 beauty professionals across the world are a living testament to the spirit of Biologique Recherche, passing on the brand’s know-how with all the passion they bring to their Location.



Cellular cosmetics first appeared in Switzerland in the 1980s on the shores of Lake Geneva, inspired by medical experimentation conducted by Professor Paul Niehans, the founder of cellular therapy. Decades later, after extensive research, Cellcosmet has created the next evolution of cellular therapy with the CellControlTM method, which preserves the extraordinary power of bioengineered cellular extracts. These cellular extracts are found in all Cellcosmet skincare products and help to refresh, reenergize, and revitalize your skin.


Is Clinical

iS Clinical is an innovative, medical-grade skincare brand known for advanced treatments with high-quality ingredients, potent antioxidants, and botanical extracts. They offer a diverse range of products targeting specific skin concerns and skin types, including acne, hyperpigmentation, aging, and sensitive skin.

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