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The secret of cell-1 is the main ingredient – the extract of SNAIL SLIME (Snail Secretion Filtrate) which produces an intense regenerative effect on the skin.

The ancient Greeks and Romans knew about its healing and soothing properties. Workers on snail farms awakened the interest of cosmetologists when they noticed that their hands were very soft and cuts quickly healed without complications, infections or scars. The snail uses the slime it produces to restore its tissues and repair a damaged shell. The snail extract has a similar effect on human skin, by stimulating the formation of proteins and intensive regeneration of skin cells. Since the early eighties, the snail secretion filtrate has been tested in medicine and cosmetics to make this raw material available for use. The snail extract in cell-1 is the original ingredient with a proven regenerative effect on human skin. The snail extract acts as an antiseptic, keratolytic and stimulator of the renewal of skin cells.

Snail extract active ingredients:

ALLANTOIN - Soothes skin cells and relieves irritation. It enhances regeneration, acts as a keratolytic and accelerates cell proliferation.
ELASTIN - Stimulates the production of elastic fibers in the skin. Together with collagen, it is responsible for skin elasticity.
COLLAGEN - Supports connective tissue, provides hydration and regenerates the structural proteins which link skin cells.
GLYCOLIC ACID - The golden standard in the removal of damaged and dead skin cells; it acts as a peeling and stimulates the regeneration of skin layers, which eliminates wrinkles and spots and purifies pores.
VITAMIN C - a water-soluble antioxidant, protects the skin from aggressive external influences, regenerates other antioxidants, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin, regeneration and healing of wounds. It gives the skin radiance
and freshness, and calms redness.
VITAMIN A - Accelerates the regeneration of skin cells, removes dead layers of the skin, acts against freckles, spots and acne, making the skin smooth and glowing.
VITAMIN E - A liposoluble antioxidant, one of the most important “catchers” of
free radicals which cell membranes from oxidative stress, reduces the effects of photoaging and lipid peroxidation.
MINERAL SUBSTANCES - Hydrate and refresh the skin, stimulate cell metabolism by activating enzymes, purify and mattify.

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